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From Under the Russian Snow reflects in its title a symbol of the awakening of Russia, the time of hope, expectation and enthusiasm of the people who had never experienced freedom. Michelle Carter came to Russia at this turbulent and exciting period and generously shared herself with us. … Michelle was not an outsider or just a visitor; she was one of us. She is a talented educator, sensitive and understanding woman and a keen observer. The book she has written depicts with love and sympathy the attempts to build a new Russia. It’s about love, life and tragedy — hers and ours.
Anna Sharogradskaya, Director, Regional Press Institute,               St. Petersburg, Russia

Michelle Carter’s writing is always crisp and evocative, and her work with the children of Chernobyl was nothing less than heroic.
Congresswoman Jackie Speier (CA-14),                                         U.S. House of Representatives

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